Dallas, TX, USA:

Senai, Johor, Malaysia:

Using some of the best brands in CNC machine tools and
quality inspection equipment, Shamrock invest in its facilities
just as much as much as it invests in the people who use them.

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Farmers Branch, Texas, USA


With 33,000 Sq. Ft. of climate-controlled manufacturing and office space, Shamrock provides a comfortable atmosphere to employees and visitors, including Third Party Inspections by customers and end-users as well as professional association meetings (such as National Tooling and Machining Association) and charitable community groups.

Our raw material inventory, production department, and quality control lab are situated within close proximity, limiting the amount of movement between locations resulting in reduced risks associated with injuries and damaged goods.

Finished goods inventory are maintained at the heart of our facility, keeping stock of the commonly used products our customers require.

Located within the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, our location makes it convenient to provide our services to most customers and industries with quick access to major highways and logistics supply companies.

We service consignment contracts from this facility, holding a minimum quantity on hand at all times in order to meet agreed-upon lead times. If you are interested in discussing a consignment contract or developing a bin-stocking program, please email: support@shamrockprecision.com.



Senai, Johor, Malaysia
Shamrock Senai

Located next to the Senai International Airport and near to major highways with access to international logistics supply companies, Shamrock Malaysia’s 15,000 sq. ft. facility is capable of providing services to customers around Southeast Asia and the World in a timely manner.

Our quality control lab and finished goods inventory are kept in a climate controlled atmosphere. The production department maintains clear isles and clean machines, with a goal of preserving our investments to meet peak performance 24-hours per day and provide a safe working environment for employees.

For more information on Shamrock Malaysia’s capabilities and capacity please email: malaysia@shamrockprecision.com.