Purpose. Precision.

Shamrock Precision has earned a reputation of
providing quality products with fast cycle times
through hard work, dedication, and a commitment to
our team, customers, and ongoing innovation.

We deliver high quality components to diverse industries worldwide, including oil field services, aerospace, defense and telecommunications. When it comes to on-time, never-compromised quality, it’s not about luck, it’s about precision. Shamrock Precision.

Our History

Founded in 1981, Shamrock Precision has grown from a small Texas company into a leading provider of manufactured components for companies worldwide.

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Our Team

Shamrock Precision has over 100 skilled employees, each committed to the highest quality standards and the complete success of our customers.

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Our Facilities

With locations in Dallas, Texas and Johor, Malaysia, Shamrock Precision is strategically positioned to serve customers in a variety of industries across the globe.

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Our Products

In order to achieve fast cycle times, we purposely invest in and maintain available capacity on critical equipment, tooling and material.

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Industries Served


Fly Right
Shamrock Precision is also an essential part of the North American aerospace community. Committed to enabling and achieving our customers’ commitments, we can help you actualize your goals and objective


Be Safe
Shamrock Precision US and Malaysia facilities specialize in the world-class manufacturing and certification of industry leading shear screws and pins for our world-renown customers who demand exacting precision, unsurpassed performance, and service.


Fly Smart
Shamrock Precision is an essential part of the military aerospace and defense workforce, providing parts for US Fighter Aircraft to Experimental, Transport and Helicopters. Committed to advancing our customers’ global missions, we are ready, willing, and able to enable target identification and achievement.


Right Call
Shamrock Precision is currently providing more than 10,000 unique items, many of these to our telecommunications partners. Using our rigorous quality standards and measurements, we can help you expand your audience and reach the objectives you’ve set.


Choose Wisely
For industrial companies that strive for world class quality and performance, a consistently reliable supply chain partnership is essential.

At Shamrock, we maintain two, leading-edge facilities with full machining and quality inspection capabilities.

Shamrock prides itself on providing a clean and safe work environment for its employees, which includes a 100% HVAC system for our facilities. By maintaining clean and organized facilities, we can ensure fast cycle times to meet any production needs.

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Shamrock Precision's machinist working on CNC machines

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