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At Shamrock, we maintain two, leading-edge facilities with full machining and quality inspection capabilities.

Shamrock prides itself on providing a clean and safe work environment for its employees, which includes a 100% HVAC system for our facilities. By maintaining clean and organized facilities, we can ensure fast cycle times to meet any production needs.

We’re able to arrange raw materials, equipment, and personnel easily and safely to meet the project demands of our customers. We also provide 100% inspection and testing capability within a constantly controlled environment.


Shamrock Precision maintains a clean, 36,000 sq. ft. facility in Dallas, Texas. Here we’re near major highways and airports, making it convenient and cost effective to ship goods and materials both domestically and internationally. Our climate-controlled facility includes both manufacturing and office space, offering a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere to employees and visitors.

Our raw material inventory, production department, and quality control lab are within proximity, making it easier to control and move goods as needed. Our finished goods inventory is maintained here as well. We also service vendor managed inventory (VMI) and consignment contracts from this facility, maintaining a minimum quantity of inventory on hand to meet agreed-upon lead times.

Our Facilities - Precision Machining, Swiss Machining

Shamrock Precision Unit pic of Malaysia


Located next to the Senai International Airport and near to major highways, Shamrock Malaysia's 43,000 sq. ft. facility can provide services to customers around Southeast Asia and the rest of the world in a timely manner.